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Dropping gin

Dropping gin

For the production of your almost alcohol-free gin and tonic in the style of the Tumeric SKY gin.

A few strokes of the dropping gin in a glass with cold tonic water and your gin and tonic alcohol-free is ready. The taste of a fruity tart gin and tonic but almost no alcohol.

Grains of paradise and grapefruit as lead botanicals go fantastic with freshly tart juniper. You want more about gin Know Alcohol Free Tonic? Then write us an email.




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Juniper, Grains of Paradise and Grapefruit.

Just a few strokes of the enclosed pipette are enough for a fruity, tart gin and tonic with almost no alcohol.


We only ship within Germany and only with DHL and age verification 18+. Therefore, we unfortunately cannot deliver to packing stations.


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