Gin Rezepte

Viel mehr als nur Gin Tonic ...


50 ml @hhzanzibar 

25 ml @cointreau
25 ml fresh lemon juice
15 ml homemade triple rhubarb syrup
3 dashes of orange bitters
1 large egg white

Pre-chill a Coupe for maximum delight when serving. Shake all but the ice first to emulsify the egg white for 15 seconds. Add ice and shake for approximately 30 seconds until all is cooled down and the foam is right.

Double strain into the coupe glass and decorate to your liking. I had an orange at hand and given the sail and the banner on the Cointreau it the zest is a given :) But obviously there are many options to go for of course. Check @thepatronsaintofgin 's feed for some great inspiration as well.

I was wondering what I could pair with the Hamburg Zanzibar Raw Gin and thought the sweetness of oranges might be a nice pair to work with the cucumber and pepper aromas of the gin. And I must say I was quite happy with it as it turned out to be savoury and sweet at the same time, kind of how I was hoping it to turn out. Maybe my cocktail skills are not too bad after all. The rhubarb aroma from the syrup is just a background thing and a simple syrup would certainly work as well.


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Mehr Cocktail Rezepte von folgen in Kürze ...


Today I even had some turmeric at home and could add fresh cucumber and turmeric to the drink. Well, that was a tasty serve, especially as the US 🇺🇸 Indian tonic by @qmixers was a stunner. It was a perfect serve I must admit. The crisp taste of the gin was just carried perfectly by the tonic which was not too sweet, not too bland, with just the right amount of effervescence and a nice quinine level. Really good. What a shame that it is practically not available without going through so many hoops.

Oh, kids! One important message: When you recreate this serve or anything with turmeric: think about your fingers: Mine look like those of a guy smoking 68 hand-rolled cigarettes without filters … all orange and yellow. 😂 Well, next time I will get some gloves on or something like that when doing decoration for drinks.

Hope your day was good and you voted (if in the EU). Speaking of the EU, head over to my friend @syncro89 and check his story as he is out on #cottageisland again and will bring us many awesome nature shots in the next days I am sure. Booze and Finish 🇫🇮 nature, what else can you ask for?

To many great friends here in the EU 🇪🇺 and beyond that:

Cheers and Ginsalabim 🍸


Thanks to Jan from