Smallest distillery in Hamburg is a guest at Kaumbelief on NDR televis - Hamburg-Zanzibar Gin

Smallest distillery in Hamburg is a guest at Kaumbelief on NDR television

Oh dear, suddenly we were on TV. 

If you want to laugh yourselves again, then have a look here, from about minute 32.


Kaum zu Glauben Kai Pflaume - Gin -Hamburg

... and then there was also a text;)


Hamburg. You have just won the award for the best gin in the world. Now, on August 22nd, Yuka Suzuki and Hauke Günther also won the NDR guessing program “Hard to believe!” With Kai Pflaume.

The friendly founders of the Hamburg-based spirits startup Hamburg-Zanzibar didn't let the advice team around Stephanie Stumph, Bernhard Hoëcker, Hubertus Meyer-Burckhardt and Jörg Pilawa look into their cards. Despite clever questions and astute ideas, the celebrity team couldn't guess what Yuka and Hauke deal with on a daily basis.

"We distill our gin in Hamburg's smallest distillery according to our own recipe, which was awarded the 'World Gin Award 2021' as the 'World's Best Flavored' at the beginning of the year," explains Yuka Suzuki, who will be together with her husband in Hamburg's Alstertal in 2020 Had dared to step into self-employment.

The prominent guessing team could not crack this puzzle. So the Hamburg founders left the show as winners. They would like to donate their profit of 1,000 euros to an aid organization that supports the homeless in Hamburg.

Of course, after the broadcast was recorded, there was also a sample swallow of the excellent “Tumeric No. 1 ”, which gets its unmistakable note from a touch of turmeric from the spice island of Zanzibar. "We were very pleased that all the celebrity guests wanted to try it and that our gin was well received by the advice team despite the defeat," says Hauke Günther happily.

“Hard to believe!” Is one of the most successful programs on NDR television. With up to 1.8 million viewers, the show regularly reaches an audience of millions nationwide. Presenter Kai Pflaume presents his four-person advice team with spectacular, funny and bizarre stories.