About us and our Tumeric Gin - Hamburg Zanzibar Gin - Hamburg-Zanzibar Gin

Besser Trinken

Moin, we are Yuka & Hauke

Our story begins in the summer of 2017 in our kitchen on the outskirts of Hamburg. A small inconspicuous still and the last remnants of turmeric from the past Zanzibar trip. A nice coincidence that inspired us to experiment! As a qualified biologist, Hauke was able to extract the turmeric flavors and prepare them for our unique gin. Together we created a recipe that amazes even die-hard gin connoisseurs with its extraordinary aromas. That's why we've been distilling gin and more in Hamburg's smallest distillery (right in the Alstertal) since 2020!

You don't forget Zanzibar

Zanzibar is more than just a destination to get away from it all. We love the cuisine, the people and the nature on the island off the coast of Tanzania. The Indian Ocean stretches almost endlessly behind the eastern beaches - the “edge of the world” is the inspiration and engine for our ideas about gin but also for future projects. With the turmeric-flavored gin from our small still, this attitude to life can be tasted. Nobody before us has dared to use gin with turmeric as the lead botanical in this composition. But the taste proves us right: Our Tumeric Gin creations convince with their exotic turmeric note and so clearly stand out from classic London Dry creations.

And that is how the worlds best gin was created

It was never our intention to get into the gin business ... nor to run our own still. But if you already have a biologist in the house, then you should burn a delicious drop, right? After discovering our turmeric aroma, it was clear that we had found something very special here. As a little trial by fire, we sent a few of our first bottles to experts for tasting so that they could be evaluated. Lo and behold: our Tumeric No. 1 Gin was named the best flavored gin in the world!

Despite the great success and the gigantic demand, we would like to continue to distill gin in our domestic distillery and not allow mass production. Each bottle is distilled, bottled and packaged with Hamburg love - this is how the world's best gin tastes a little better.