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Tumeric No. 1 Gin

Tumeric No. 1 Gin

Tumeric No. 1 Gin (New Western Style Gin)

The subsequent maceration with fresh turmeric not only gives this Tumeric Gin a golden color but also an unmistakable aroma density. Ideal for the wildest Tumeric Gin cocktail creations. More Zanzibar is not possible!

45% vol

0,5 Liter




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New Western Style GIN 45% vol. 0.5 L

Turmeric in the foreground, on the nose and on the palate. Juniper and red pepper take turns and play a sweet and peppery game with your senses. Fresh and powerful, tart and intense like no other gin. Promised...

Best gin in the world in the "Flavored" category at the WORLD GIN AWARDS 2021

"Sophisticated nose offering spice and a bit of cucumber. There’s turmeric present on the palate, provides some balance in a savory way; excellent with tonic. Lovely herbal and earthy notes, very well-balanced and super smooth.


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