Our new Tumeric SKY Gin - Hamburg-Zanzibar Gin

Our new Tumeric SKY Gin

The family is getting bigger, our new summer gin

After we created two rather unusual gins with the Tumeric Raw Gin and the Tumeric No.1 Gin, we wanted something light and fruity. That's why Yuka decided to distill her favorite botanicals and this is how the Tumeric Sky Gin was created.

What is inside?

Of course we distilled turmeric, but not nearly as much as with the other two gins. Significantly less pepper, but exotic grains of paradise and delicious pink grapefruit. The whole thing at 40% vol is a fantastic, fruity bitter gin that goes perfectly with almost every tonic. 

Perfect serve:

From Thomas Henry to Schweppes Dry, to Goldberg, Fentimans or Fever Tree ... the Tumeric Sky Gin feels very comfortable in most tonics. Tonics that have a bit more of their own flavor also work quite well. 

As a topping, of course, a nice grapefruit teast is best.

On the subject of cocktails:

... try a Cosmopolitan or, for the tough ones among you, a Negroni;) fantastic ... recipes to follow ...

Especially for this summer we have come up with something very special and very Hanseatic: 

2 cl Tumeric Sky Gin and 2 cl Maritivo from Hafencity Gin. Add ice cubes and fill up with Goldberg or Schweppes Dry Tonic Water. Very fresh and tangy. Perfect for summer 2021