What is maceration? This is how the aromas come into our gin - Hamburg-Zanzibar Gin

What is maceration? This is how the aromas come into our gin

The basic principle behind every gin is clear to fans of the bitterly beautiful drink: alcohol is mixed with aromas from juniper berries and various plant-based botanicals. For a real gin, the typically bitter juniper aroma must determine the taste as the lead botanical. Other flavors may only resonate as a note. We explain where the good taste of our award-winning Tumeric Gins known for its exceptional flavors Best gin in the world was awarded.

complex, piquant and spicy: these botanicals are in our gin

Our Tumeric Gin is used in the so-called New Western Crafted in a style where turmeric and pink pepper set the tone alongside juniper. In addition to the two lead notes, there are spicy-piquant aromas Almond, rosemary, cinnamon blossom, cardamom, and conifers contain. There are several methods of transferring the aroma from the plant into the alcohol, of which we prefer natural maceration.


The flavoring of the gin

  • The flavoring of the gin takes place before distillation instead of.
  • the Botanicals are crushed and added to a mixture of alcohol and water.
  • There is two standard procedures: Maceration and percolation. Theoretically, the mixture can also be double distilled to transfer the flavors.
  • Maceration: The so-called Cold pull-out the contained botanicals are placed in the cold alcohol mixture for several days. This process is time-consuming, but it creates a strong and tangy taste.
  • Percolation: The botanicals are poured into a ghost basket above the still and the alcohol is heated. The resulting steam gently absorbs the aromas, which ensures a very smooth taste.


A good gin is like a good friendship

For our Tumeric Gin we have chosen strong and heavy botanicals, which can also be found on Zanzibar. The whole process takes a relatively long time and we want to give the gin that time. This is how we guarantee that you have the best gin in the world in front of you.