Which gin style suits you? Get to know and love gin varieties - Hamburg-Zanzibar Gin

Which gin style suits you? Get to know and love gin varieties

Every connoisseur can still remember the first good gin: The sour and spicy taste of juniper schnapps comes into its own straight, in a cocktail or in a long drink. If you try different strains, you will quickly find out why the hedonists among us are too like to try through different styles: Behind terms like London Dry, New Western Style and Distilled hide themselves whole worlds of tasteto be explored. We show how the styles make every gin a very personal statement.


Sour makes fun - what flavor is in flavored gin? 

In order to be able to differentiate between the different gin styles, you have to understand what gin actually is: The Juniper brandy consists of fine alcohol with various botanical components (Botanicals), the give each variety its individual aroma. Lead Botanical for every gin there is the spicy juniper berry, which is often combined with sour botanicals. The different type names for gin roughly indicate which botanicals are contained and which flavor is to be expected.


Gin styles briefly explained 

  • Dry gin: Dry distillate does not contain more than 0.1 grams of sugar per liter. A gin like that goes up not too quick to head and convinces with its bitter-sour note. If further flavor components are added, one speaks of Flavored gin.
  • London Gin: Apart from botanicals, no additional substances are added to London Gin. Since there is no sweetener, every London is also a dry gin, which is why it is colloquial London Dry Gin called.
  • Classic Dry Gin: The juniper aroma is clearly in the foreground; if there are other botanicals, they can only be tasted very subtly.
  • New Western Dry: A refined variety of classic gins, in which, in addition to juniper, a second lead note dominates the taste. In order to still be called gin, the juniper aroma has to stand out as a lead botanical.
  • Distilled: The alcohol is redistilled with the botanicals, creating a round taste with a strong juniper aroma.
  • Old Tom Gin: Slightly sweetened version of the distilled gin.


How does the Hamburg Zanzibar Gin taste?

  • Our award-winning Tumeric No. 1 gin using turmeric as the second lead component is one New western style Gin that, compared to purely juniper-based gins, has its own, sour, fresh character.
  • The Tumeric Raw Gin gets its earthy London Dry Taste due to the traditional production method without sweetening substances.


The gin of your dreams - What your gin style says about you 

Which gin style suits you depends entirely on your personal taste. A connoisseur can therefore look deep into the soul of a person's favorite gin. Are you more of the sweet type or does your personal favorite gin have to be dry and strong? The Opportunities for self-development are wide-ranging when it comes to enjoying gin - ours Tumenic Recipes with an unmistakable turmeric note give the fashion drink and its lovers a new, exclusive character.