How do you drink gin properly? This is how you bring out flavors to th - Hamburg-Zanzibar Gin

How do you drink gin properly? This is how you bring out flavors to their full potential

There are as many views as there are varieties of gin when it comes to the right way to enjoy gin: Indeed not every serving form fits every gin style. Drinking gin can be wonderfully individualized not only through the selection of style and brand, but also through the presentation of different gins. No wonder the schnapps in recent years the most popular trendy drink in the world rise and more and more adventurous connoisseurs buy small and large collections of rare bottles. The Hamburg Zanzibar Gin from our online shop for gin with a turmeric note you can enjoy in all forms:


  1. Drink gin straight

You can drink a high-quality distilled gin wonderfully pure when chilled. Every gin contains a high percentage of alcohol, flavored with juniper and other botanicals such as coriander, lemon peel, saffron or pepper. Each manufacturer uses different herbal flavors to soften or underline the strong note in the juniper schnapps. You can perceive these aromas in the glass through your nose before drinking (nosing). 

Do's and don'ts with pure enjoyment

  • You drink gin straight Tasting glasses (approx. 4 - 5 cl capacity) with a narrowed opening so that the aromas collect on the nose.
  • Alternatively you can also Grappa glasses can be used to achieve the same effect.
  • Our hamburgers Tumeric Gins you can already see the Nosing its unique turmeric aroma.
  • The colder the juniper schnapps is served, the better the individual aromas can be tasted. At best, the glasses should be stored in the freezer, ice cubes also keep the drink nice and cool (but it should not be drunk watered down).


  1. The classic for events: Gin Tonic 

Gin and tonic is part of the standard repertoire of every gastronomy and is gladly ordered in every season. To mix you need ice cubes, a fresh citrus fruit, Hamburg Zanzibar Gin and tonic water. Alternatively, you can also use ginger ale or other carbonated drinks as an extension.

Do's and don'ts when mixing gin and tonic

  • Put the ingredients in the glass in the following order: First the ice cubes, then about 6 cl gin, squeeze the lime wedge over it and throw into the glass and pour the whole thing up.
  • Gin and tonic is served with a straw and a lime decoration.
  • Cucumbers do not belong in the gin and tonic! The right side dish depends on the botanicals it contains and should enhance the flavors.


  1. Popular gin cocktails mixed quickly

With the carefully selected flavors in Hamburg Zanzibar Tumeric No. 1 gin and his down-to-earth counterpart Tumeric Raw Gin cocktail mixers can reinvent their best drinks from scratch. Try your favorite mix with the turmeric gin variants from our shop and let yourself be carried away to Zanzibar:


Mix dry martini

  • The classic martini is prepared in a mixing glass (martini glass) with a stem.
  • Ice cubes, 5 cl Tumeric Gin Pour 1 cl vermouth into the glass and stir.
  • The glass is garnished with an olive and lemon wedge.


Gin & Juice

  • A refreshing alternative to dry gin cocktails in a wine glass.
  • Ice cubes and 5 cl Hamburg Zanzibar Gin Pour into the glass and fill up with grape juice. Alternatively, you can try other juices like rhubarb, lemon or currant or lemonade.
  • It is garnished with a grapefruit slice and star fruit.